1. Stop Over-Development

Mayor Reina plans to build 5,600 housing units1 in Jackson.

We will stop this high density Lakewood-style development.


2. Stop Wasteful Spending

Property Taxes in Jackson increased $9 million2 since 2008.

That’s a 37% tax increase in just 10 years and this is unsustainable.

We will stop the waste and corruption that is driving up our property taxes.


3. Stop Political Corruption

Political Boss George Gilmore gave Mayor Reina a six-figure county job3 as “Assistant Superintendent of Bridges.”

Reina takes another $30,000 Salary4 as Jackson Mayor. Combined, Reina takes over $150,000 in Salary and Benefits from Jackson Taxpayers.

Reina gives Gilmore’s Law Firm $500,000 a year in legal fees. Combined, Reina has given Gilmore over $4 Million5 from Jackson Taxpayers.




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